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The Association of Cyprus Travel Agents is par excellence the NGO agency involved in tourism and travel affairs.
In its ranks the association has the overwhelming majority of Cypriot Travel Agents and Tour Operators who represent almost all overseas travel organizations who are cooperating with Cyprus.
ACTA is monitoring all developments, local and worldwide, concerning questions of tourism and travel and is in a position to exercise responsible policy regarding the rational promotion of such issues.
A formal recognition and confirmation of the responsible behaviour of ACTA and of its important role is the fact that it has been named as the issuing Authority for Cypriot Tour Operators.
ACTA has completed an upward progress of more than half a century since its founding in 1954 and during this period it has been recognized as the Organization with vision which worked for the foundationing of Cyprus Tourism in its proper basis.
The vision of the Association for proper foundationing of tourist development was materialized with the establishment of a specialized agency for tourism, the Cyprus Tourism Organization. This first step was followed by developments in the overall course of ACTA with the international enlargement of its links and ties and of its dynamism.
In 1961 the Association joins the United Federation of Travel Agents Associations (UFTAA). In 1974 comes the membership of the Cyprus Chamber of Commers and Industry (CCCI) which gives ACTA direct involvement in the decision centers of the business people of Cyprus.

A noteworthy step in the upgrading of the Association was its affiliation to the European Travel Agents'  and Tour Operators' Associations (ECTAA) in which it plays its own role (ACTA through its Director General was holding the post of Chairman of the Tourism Committee of ECTAA for two years).

The European Travel Agents'  and Tour Operators' Associations (ECTAA), during its 97th bi annual meeting which was held in Sophia on the 27th and 28th of May 2008, elected Mr. Akis Kelepeshis (immediate past President of ACTA) in its presidency for the period of 2008-2010. ECTAA represents 30national associations of Travel and Tourist Agents of Europe.
During the presidency of Mr Kelepeshis ECTAA worked closely with the European Commission to ensure that the legislative environment was adapted to the current and future market of package travel. His priority was to ensure a level-playing field for all businesses operating in the sale of travel services and to ensure that  customers benefit from a high level of protection and quality."
Due to the increasing interest by the Mediterranean members of the E.U. member countries, his efforts werel also directed towards the development of Tourism through several European programmes which had to be in full cooperation with the European Union and all relevant European bodies.
Cyprus hosted ECTAA's 100th bi annual meeting in Lefkosia in December 2009 and was ECTAA's Preferred Destination for 2010.
ECTAA represents around 80,000 Travel and Tourist businesses with 25 out of its 29 member countries being members of the European Union.
Mr Kelepeshis has been unanimously appointed by the Association 's Board of Directors on the 5th of May 2011 as Honorary President of ACTA.