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President's Message

Dear members,

It is with great pleasure that I am addressing you as the ACTA President, and on behalf of the new Board of Directors I would like to thank you for trusting us in rising to the various challenges and prospects of the tourism industry.

I would like to ensure you that we shall continue the excellent work that has been conducted by the previous Board of Directors, aiming to promote and protect our members’ interests.

During the recent economic crisis, the tourism industry has been the largest contributing sector to the Cyprus economy, providing an impetus to the country’s development course.

Trips by local and foreign residents of Cyprus abroad have had an upward trend. Cypriots’ vacation trips abroad have increased, particularly in summer, with Greece, the Greek Islands and other European countries being the most popular destinations.

At this point I would like to encourage Cypriot travelers to count on our members’ knowledge and experience when planning their holidays. Travel Agencies are probably the only professional sector which provides so many guarantees on various levels, safeguarding the travelers’ rights.

As far as incoming tourism is concerned, the tourist flow is still on the rise. However we must strive to keep this flow high in winter as well, so as to achieve high levels of tourism all-year round.

I would like to emphasise that ACTA has always considered that the implementation of the National Tourism Strategy will act as a catalyst on enhancing our tourism industry, enabling it to attract more than 5 million tourists every year.  

We welcome the Ministers’ Council decision to approve the creation of Under Secretariats for Tourism and Shipping. ACTA has been pushing for the creation of an Under Secretariat for Tourism for years, since tourism is one of the most significant pillars of Cyprus economy.

The new Board of Directors will try to support its members with responsible actions and constructive criticism on all tourism and travelling related matters, as well as with proposals and suggestions for the sector’s improvement.  

I welcome all ACTA members to stand by us and express their opinions and new ideas through a constructive dialogue.

Vasilis Stamataris
ACTA Board of Directors