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How to become a Tour Operator

A formal recognition and confirmation of the responsible behavior of ACTA and of its important role, is the fact that it has been approved by law as the issuing Authority for Cypriot Tour Operators.

If a Travel Agency would like to undertake the promotion and carrying out of Organized Tours abroad, then it would have to deposit an additional (to the guarantee of €15,000 deposited for the establishment of a Travel Agency) guarantee in favor of ACTA of 20% of its turnover.

For further information on how to obtain a Tour Operator’s license please contact the secretariat of the Association.

Tour Operators that need to renew their Tour Operators’ License, please complete the following forms:

Guarantee stage1 (.pdf)
Guarantee stage2 (.pdf)
Enclosed A (.pdf)
Enclosed B (.pdf)
Enclosed C (.pdf)