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Message of the President to the members of ACTA
Dear Colleagues,
As you are all aware a new Board of Directors of our Association was elected during our 60th Annual General Meeting that took place in Nicosia on the 9th of September, 2014. On behalf of the members of the new Board I would like to thank you for entrusting us the leadership of the Association and I would like to assure you that we will all continue the excellent work of the previous Board in order to promote and protect the interests of our sector and further expand the activities of our Association.
The years to come will not be easy and will be challenging times for our industry. The recent international economic downturn will not leave Cyprus unaffected. We will soon need to face the consequences of the weak U.K sterling and U.S. dollar plus the soaring prices of all the commodities.
In the ticketing/outgoing sector we have started to face the competition of the on-line and direct sales. This development should keep us alert but not worried. I am certain that the professional and human approach of a travel consultant will never be replaced by a computer. It is up to us to convey to our customers the indisputable benefits of using the services of a travel agency.
In the Incoming Tourism the challenges may be even greater. Many factors that influence the float of tourism unfortunately do not depend on us. The long term prospects of Cyprus as a tourist destination do not look good unless we change certain things that it is not of the present to mention. Rest assured, however, that ACTA will not remain a silent spectator of the indifference of the Authorities towards tourism. We will join forces with CTO and the two Hotels’ Associations in order to transmit to the new Government certain realities that we are sure it is not aware of.
One more mission that this Board will have is to bring the members closer to ACTA and subscribe new members. We all need to understand that all the travel agents need ACTA but we also need to know that ACTA needs you, its members! In this respect we welcome all members to express their views and to provide us with their ideas.
In closing I would like to wish for a just and lasting solution of the Cyprus problem, something that has directly nothing to do with our profession but will have a tremendous impact to all of us.
With friendly greetings
Ntinos Kakkouras