Members Area

Policy Areas

ACTA  represents the Travel Agents on official, public and private organizations and informs official Government bodies, political parties, appropriate authorities, various pressure groups as well as the general public, about the importance of tourism.

It takes active part towards decision making by advancing suggestions and recommendations to the Government in matters relating to the tourism industry.

In order to research and examine in-depth all problems which preoccupy the travel agents and the tourist industry and to efficiently implement its role, ACTA operates the following Committees:

Committee of Incoming Tourism & Conferences & Incentives Committee

"The role of the Committee is to attempt to resolve any problems faced by the members of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents actively involved in inbound tourism.

The presence of the Committee in meetings with other tourism stakeholders (such as the Ministry of Tourism, the CTO and the Hotel Associations) and its close cooperation with the government and the private sector, becomes a catalyst and helpful in making correct and important decisions in order to increase tourist arrivals in Cyprus.

Some of the actions taken by the committee in an effort to promote and solve problems faced often by our members involved in inbound tourism are: The measures taken by the Government to support tourism during the last 2 years, the simplification of  the process of obtaining visas from countries in Eastern Europe, the indictment to the Ministry of Commerce, Trading and Tourism and to C.T.O. of "piracy travel agencies" that organize trips without the required infrastructure and related permits, the continues efforts towards the Ministry of Communication and Works for the reduction of the entrance fees at the archaeological sites and monuments and many other actions and activities that aim to emphasize the professionalism of the incoming tour operators in the minds of tourism professionals. "

The Committee also deals with all matters concerning the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) Industry in Cyprus, with the mission to offer the highest standard of service in this sector of tourism

Committee of Outgoing Tourism

The Outgoing Committee deals primarily with the issue of package holidays abroad and follows the progress of this activity. The Association of Cyprus Travel Agents has been named by Law, the issuing Authority for Cypriot Tour Operators. Membership of the Association is recognized as a guarantee of integrity, competence and a high standard of service, something that justifies the continues rise in outgoing travel.

Air Matters Committee & Airports Committee

The Air Matters Committee deals primarily with the relationship between the Travel Agents and the Airlines, as well as with issues regarding the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The President of the Committee, Vasilis Stamataris was elected Chairman of the Agency programme of Joint Council of Cyprus (APJC), which is under IATA and consists of the representatives of Travel agents and Airlines.

The Committee also deals exclusively with airports topics such as the smooth operation of the airports, as well as issues regarding the cargo area. The Committee also examines any problems faced by the Passengers Handling Agents and Cargo Handling Agents, members of ACTA.