Members Area

Major Objectives and Services of ACTA

ACTA's platform is formulated by the firm objective to offer continuously upgraded services to its members and the travelling public. The Association's prime aims are to protect, promote and develop the general interests of Travel Agents and of tourism and travel and to ensure that membership of the Association shall be recognised as a guarantee of integrity, competence and a high standard of service.
ACTA undertakes studies and in-depth research of problems which preoccupy the travel agents and the tourist industry and works towards their settlement.
The Association keeps an eye on goverment policies and takes active part towards decision making by advancing suggestions and recommendations in matters relating to tourism and travel.To this end ACTA had an active role in putting forward to the Government result oriented proposals for the new strategy on tourism.
ACTA also promotes proposals where necessary, for legislation relating to the travel industry.
It represents the Travel Agents on official, public and private organisations and informs official Government bodies, political parties, appropriate authorities, various pressure groups as well as the general public, about the importance of tourism.
Representation extends to International Tourist Fairs and Congresses, where ACTA participates and promotes Cyprus tourism through active liaison with national and international organisations.
ACTA provides many meaningful services to its members including supply of regular and dependable information on all matters relating to tourism and travel through its circulars. Moreover it publishes the ACTA Directory in which all members are listed and which is distributed internationally to tourism and travel organisations along with relevant statistical data.
ACTA sees that its members receive free entries in various international Directories and, with the ACTA identity card and airport passes, all members get the widest possible recognition and access in the Airport terminal to assist incoming tourists.
ACTA also provides legal services and counselling on many matters and acts as a mediator for settlement of disputes among members.
Furthermore, ACTA organises seminars on subjects relating to travel and tourism for senior and junior staff of its members as well as an annual dinner/dance with social undertones. ACTA is always trying to upgrade and increase the services it provides to its members and constantly encourages its members towards constructive criticism in order to ensure correct conclusions in the best interest of its members and the trade.
The services of ACTA both to the travelling public and its members are summed up in the following:
  • All round and timely information including statistics on everything concerning incoming and outgoing tourism and travel, both to members and the travelling public.
  • Permits only to members under authorization by the relevant law to act as Tour Operators.
  • Legal advice to members by the ACTA Legal Advisor.
  • Promotion and settlement of individual problems of members or groups of members.
  • Effective mediation in disputes between members or members and consumers.
  • An annual travel Fair TAXIDI for providing to ACTA members direct contact with the travelling public.
  • Organisations of educationals for members in countries sources of tourism and to popular tourist destinations for Cypriots.
  • Training and information conferences and meetings.
  • Facility for participation in International Tourist Fairs.
  • Special identity cards for members.
  • Specialised conferences for incentives and special interests tourism and other forms of tourism.